About Roi

Roi Plotkin, RYT is  an empathetic and enthusiastic 200 hour certified yoga instructor with years of joyful practice promoting children's health and wellness. Outside of teaching private yoga sessions for child-parent bonding, Roi has 9 years of experience providing care to children, including those on the autism spectrum, and incorporates yoga in their babysitting praxis. A creative youth mentor, Roi  specializes in how mindfulness and asana practice can promote self-love for children, including those who are LGBT, different ability, or have experienced traumatic brain injury. Roi believes that celebrating difference through yoga can cultivate a loving connection to the self, the earth, and the community. They are driven by a calling to help, serve and heal. 

Roi's workshops and classes are centered in art, music, and creative movement like dance, play, asana poses, and relaxation techniques. Your child will leave class with new breathing, meditating, and thinking skills in their tool belts. Roi hopes to provide your child with the coping tools to live reislliently; facing challenges by discovering their own strengths in a non-judgmental creative space.