What does it take to become a Growga instructor or ambassador in your area?

To become a Growga teacher, we ask that you take a training with us. (Some things we are looking for: experience with children, yoga and/or mindfulness certification, enthusiasm for our work, etc.)

Every Growga teacher will take a 3-hour online Growga Instructor training. If we determine from your interest form that you’re not yet qualified for the Basic Growga Teacher Training due to lack of certification or experience (but you’re still a great fit for our program!), you may take our weekend-long Level 1: Foundations course, which will equip you with essential knowledge to teach yoga to children.

Once you have completed the online Basic Growga Teacher Training (and your Foundations training is completed, if necessary), you must meet with the owner or the Community Ambassador in your area to do a demo/practicum to complete your Growga training..