It's Just Beginning!

YAY!! You made it! I hope your Mindful May journey with us has been fulfilling, fruitful, and inspiring. Share your feedback with us so that we can continue to grow in ways to serve you. (You could win a Growga tank or tee for sharing!)

We have loved getting to know you, building community, and sharing stories about our personal mindfulness journeys. We hope this is just the beginning for you, as you continue to #growmindful with us.

To end our month together, we thought it would be fitting to compile your valuable stories, feedback, and resources to share them with everyone.

We love the “Peace Out” podcast for bedtimes.

I love children's literature, and here are two recent books we found that are great for teaching mindfulness concepts: 

Sergio Sees the Good

Be Still Life

- Julie

Three Breath Hug - Ashlea

We also do a lot of balloon breathing and used our “magic sphere” to help visualize calm in moments of stress. And now that our daughter is drawing more and learning to write we are going to start journaling! - Krista

We do a lot of "STAR" breathing - which is basically the "smell the rose, blow out the candle" breathing. I also like to spend a lot of time outside with no other noise - because I want them to be used to and enjoy the sound of nature (wind, birds chirping, frogs at night). - Char Maine

Family mindfulness is so important! We use “take a deep breath” as a tool to reign in emotions. As a mom, I use mantra to help me stay on track with my intentions. Two I love for mothering: “cancel and bless”— a reminder to release myself from guilt of any “bad behavior” (like impatience with my kiddo) and bless myself and my sweet baby girl for all that we try to do. Blessings to all! My other favorite lately is so simple: “emotions change”— I say this to myself and my daughter when emotions feel intense. It’s not a denial of emotions, but a reminder that they change and pass—it helps us both sit with whatever is happening in the moment.- Alexandra

We "lion" breath & wiggle all of our worries away!- Alyssa

Want more resources? We are constantly updating our resource page with books, online resources, and more for families, children, and adults.

Thank you for sharing and being a part of this journey with us. Please take a moment to share your feedback with us and enter to win a Growga tee shirt or tank!