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Mindfulness is Not...

All month, we have learned about what mindfulness is and how to apply it to life. I hope that you have gleaned some moments of mindfulness this month to help begin or continue your journey to a more present life through our community’s stories.

As we approach the end of our journey together (or, I should say, at the beginning,) it is important to note some common misconceptions about mindfulness.

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Mindful Mealtimes

How many of you ate your lunch today while scrolling your phone or reading your emails? I am guilty of eating so quickly that I sometimes don’t even taste the food I am shoveling down. With kids, it gets even worse. I find myself standing up, shoving whatever I can into my mouth while doing a million different “important” things around the house. Afterwards, I feel over-full and unsatisfied.

So, how do we reclaim mealtimes?

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