Busy? You can be mindful too

Are we too busy for mindfulness? Our schedules are packed, our children are in need of attention, and we have things that must get done on our to-do list. We don’t need another “thing.”

I am here to tell you that you can become more mindful, even with everything on your list and without adding a long list of additional “to-dos” to your schedule. Mindfulness does not mean sitting in a silent room ignoring the things that are asking for you attention. Mindfulness is simply paying attention on purpose to the moment, without judgement. Just allowing yourself to BE.

Here are three tips to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday routine. Each Thursday, we will dig deeper into tips you can incorporate into your routines to live more mindfully.

1. Take a deep breath

Inhale and fill up your belly, not just your chest. (This might take a little practice, so if you can’t quite get it, don’t think too much about it.) Now, hold your breath for 2 counts and then let your breath out slowly. Repeat if you desire.

2. Notice your feet on the ground.

Wherever you are, feel your feet connected to the ground. How does the ground feel beneath your feet? Notice the support beneath you and press your feet into that support. You are here. You are in this moment.

3. Take a mindful bite.

Mindful eating is a simple way to incorporate mindfulness into your day. To practice, begin by looking at your bite. What is the texture? Is it shiny or smooth? What is the color? Are there various textures? Just notice the look of the food you are about to eat. Also, notice what reaction your body and mouth has when you look at the food.

Now, bring the food to your nose and smell it. Notice the smell and give the smell a label. Don’t think too much about it, just notice if it smells savory/sweet/tart/spicy, etc.

Now, bring the food into your mouth and taste it. Don’t chew it yet. Notice the taste on your tongue.

Now, take a bite and chew slowly. See if you can chew it up 15 times before you swallow, noticing where the food goes in your mouth and how it tastes as you chew.

Now, swallow and notice what taste the food left in your mouth.


When you practice even just one of these simple actions, we begin on our journey to live more mindfully. By beginning the journey, we are on a path to a richer, more authentic (albeit a little messy) life! Stay tuned for more tips throughout the month.