Relish the Ride

“We're all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”.png

I stumbled across this movie several years ago, and it became one of my favorites of all time.  It was just added to Netflix, so I recommend you watch it when you get a chance. It’s really quirky, and sometimes the time-travel plot doesn’t make sense, but it’s also truly magical. It’s a love story and a family story, a comedy and a drama, and a science fiction technically, since the main character can time travel. But for me, and for most people I think, they will realize it is really about mindfulness and awareness.

The main character, Tim, is able to travel back to the past and figure out how to fix mistakes or bad events the best way he can. He quickly learns it isn’t so easy. Over the course of his adult life, he begins to learn the real secret. His Dad helps him figure it out by telling him to travel back to the beginning of each day and “to live every day again almost exactly the same. The first time with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be, but the second time... noticing.”

Sound like a familiar dogma? This is ABSOLUTELY a movie about mindfulness! I never quite realized why I loved this movie so much until I figured out that this is what it was really about. Whenever I get a chance to watch it, or even if I just read one of these quotes, it’s like a mantra for me. I repeat it to myself for a few days and it is an extremely effective reminder to pay attention, and to appreciate the little things and notice the sweet world around me.

None of us are immune to pain. It helps to have tools in our toolbox to help us cope with the ups and downs. It’s nice to have things like mantras, movies, music, and quotes that you can turn to and re-read or re-watch whenever you find yourself overwhelmed, distracted, or worried. Take a few moments today to reflect on something like this that you can think about during the chaotic times. Maybe, over time, it will serve as a mindful reminder for you, that can help prevent those tensions and worries that ordinarily would stop you from “relishing this remarkable ride.”

By: Paige Holmes, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA