Family Activity: Nature Walk

Nature is an amazing tool for mindfulness. It is a chance for us to connect deeply with elements that give us life, breath, and sustenance. In fact, more and more doctors are prescribing nature for health and well being.

It is a great way to experience mindfulness with your family. By taking time out to experience nature together without distraction, you have a chance to slow down, breathe, and connect.

Mindful Nature Walk:

Turn off technology

Or better yet, leave it at home. No need to track this time on your activity log or have your phone on you. Let yourself be free of technology. It will be there when you are done.

Be quiet

Encourage your whole family to stay quiet during the entire duration of the walk. If they feel the need to talk, pause your walk and address what they need to say, then continue. Let them know that there will be time at the end of the walk for you to share your experiences. If you have older children, encourage them to bring a journal and write down notes about their experience. For younger children, give them permission to collect things along their walk.

Notice without labeling

As you walk through the forest, let your mind be free of labels. No need to identify the tree in front of you or the flowers around you. Just let yourself be open to the experience as it is without putting a name on anything. If you have never tried this, think of yourself as walking with a mind of a child. Be curious and allow what is to just be.

Come back to the experience

If you find yourself distracted, that is okay. Just notice, then come back to the experience. Take a deep breath of fresh air and come back to the moment.

Afterward, share and connect

Once you are done with the walk, take a moment to share what you experienced. How did it feel to be quiet? What did you notice that you never noticed before?

Take a deep breath together and encourage each other to carry the experience with you when you leave.