Mindful Walking

Have you ever gone somewhere and barely remember how you got there? Maybe you were thinking about work, the kids, or your to-do list for the day. Maybe you were listening to a podcast or chatting on the phone. Sometimes, regardless of our intentions, our bodies are one place and our minds are another.

If we slow down and practice paying attention on purpose, without judgement or labels (aka mindfulness) we have the ability to unlock the beauty of our journey. Mindful walking is a great way to experience this.

Here is how you can practice mindful walking (anywhere!)

  1. Take a deep breath.

  2. Be aware of each step.

  3. Walk slowly enough that you observe each step.

  4. Become aware of your breath.

  5. If you become distracted, notice it, and come back to noticing your breath and your feet hitting the ground with each step.

  6. Place your feet on the ground, one after the other. Notice the support beneath you.

  7. Breathe.

This can be done anywhere. Down the hall, in a forest, or up the stairs. When you take a moment to notice, slow down, and breathe, you can experience the richness of your journey.

Emily Behr