Calm Your Kids with Breath

Anyone who can breathe, can be mindful. These are fun and easy exercises that kids (and parents!) can do to calm their nervous system and prevent the “fight or flight” response we often feel in stressful situations.

Candle Breath:

Pretend that it is your birthday! We all love birthdays. Pretend it is your birthday and you want it to last forever. So, instead of blowing out your birthday candles, you blow it just enough to make the light flicker. Take a deep breath in, make a wish (hold your breath for 2 counts) and then blow your “candle” but don’t blow it out. Repeat if desired. Then, when you’re ready, blow out your candle with one big breath!

Counting Breath:

Get comfortable sitting or laying down and close your eyes (optional.) Count your breath:

Inhale (one)

Exhale (two)

Inhale (three)

Exhale (four)

Repeat up to 10. If you lose track or get distracted, just come back to the last breath you counted and continue.

Rock a’ Bye Baby Breath

Prop: a stuffed animal or a small item

Put the item on your belly and breathe in, raising the toy up (expanding your belly) and then breathe out, lowering the toy (contracting your belly.) Continue, “rocking” your item to sleep.