Have Faith In What Will Be

I have spent a lot of time worrying in my life. I worried about getting my work done. I worried about what my kids were doing. I worried about disappointing my friends. I worried a lot.

Then, one day, I realized that worrying is nothing. Worrying does no good and adds no value to our life. Yes, it is disguised as something important. We often think that if we don’t worry, that things will never get done. And, let me be clear, I am not promoting an end to list-making or agendas. I am simply saying, just as the quote says, “Have faith in what will be.

As a teacher, I worried often before I taught a class. Leading up to the class, I would worry all day about who was coming and if the class would be successful. Did I do everything in my power to promote the class? What else can I do last minute? These thoughts would bother me for hours, if not days. And what difference did that worry make in my life? None. Instead, I would mess up a perfectly beautiful day at home with my family as the worry ate away at my happiness and ability to be present. Did it bring more people to my class? Nope. Did it make me a better teacher? Definitely not. Did it make me a better person? No way.

So, the next time I taught a class, I approached it differently. I worked hard to do all I could to make it the best class I could. Then, I let myself have faith. And, what a difference it made. Not only did I enjoy my day with my family, but I showed up for the class centered and prepared for whatever the outcome.

You may not be a teacher,  but this can be applied to so many things in life: a presentation at work, a conversation with your partner, or a disagreement with your friend. Instead of allowing this worry to take up time in your life, try having faith in what will be, letting go of what was, and surrendering to what is.