We are all connected.

Mindfulness, while it is a practice that can help us turn inward, can also lead us to turn outward. The more we connect, let ourselves be vulnerable, and have empathy towards our neighbors, the more we bring peace to the world and our everyday life.

Often, when we come to a mindfulness practice, it starts as a practice for ourselves. We feel stressed. We feel anxious. We need a break. However, as we begin to tune in more deeply to ourselves, we connect more deeply to others. This can monumentally change our relationships and transform our lives.

So, how can we connect more in our day-to-day lives to experience deeper relationships and more community?

Let’s set this intention together:

  • When we are with our kids, we will connect. We will look at them in the eyes. We will play!

  • When we are in a meeting, we will connect. We will ask questions and will care more deeply about the answers.

  • When we are at a store and speaking to a cashier, we will connect. We will look at them in the eyes. And, when we ask how they are doing, we will care about the answer.

  • When we are with a friend, we will connect. We will listen. We will put down our phones. We will be there for them without judgement. We will be vulnerable and empathetic. We will engage in deeper conversations and will be open, even when we don’t agree.

  • When we are by ourselves, we will connect. We will allow for space and quiet. We will notice our breath and let go of judgement.

By connecting more deeply, may our relationships deepen, our communities widen, and our hearts open to the beauty that life has to offer.