About Dana

When Dana, RTD, was a little girl, she started performing with her young sister in her family living room. She was the writer, director, actress, backstage operator and more. Even though her audience was extremely small (one or two parents), she discovered the enjoyment of creating, playing and expending her own imagination. When Dana grew up and became a drama therapist, she deepened her understanding of drama and she believes that drama promotes personal growth, creativity, communication and self-confidence.  

Dana has extensive experience working with children, including young children (preschoolers). She worked as a drama therapist, drama teacher and Hebrew teacher. Dana grew up in Israel and moved to the US eight years ago. Dana earned her Master’s Degree in Education (Magna Cum Laude) and she is a Registered Drama Therapist with the North American Association for Drama Therapy. She completed the MBSR program at UNC and plans to start her training as a yoga instructor in the coming fall.

In her free time Dana likes writing, traveling, practicing yoga and spending time with her family.