Mindfulness in the Noise

I was not necessarily the best kid. I was dramatic and had a desperate need to fit in. I felt the constant pull of expectations from others and myself. As I grew older, mindfulness and movement helped me put things into perspective. I started to realize that we are all connected. That the world does not revolve around me. (Can I get an AMEN?!) 

When I would get upset, my mom would tell me to "go out and run."  After that meditative time, listening only to my feet hitting the pavement and the consistency of my breath (this was before ipods or cell phones) I would return calmer and with a sweaty smile on my face. 

I am now working through similar things with my strong-willed three-year-old, who is full of life and emotions. So, I ask myself, "How do I connect to her and share with her the fullness that mindfulness has brought to my life?"

When you think of mindfulness, what often comes to mind is a person sitting peacefully in a beautiful setting with their eyes closed. And, yes, meditation can be a key aspect of mindfulness. However, for kids (and adults!), this can often be a foreign and unreachable concept. So, I am here to tell you: Mindfulness does not have to happen in silence. Mindfulness can happen while you are dancing to your favorite song, on walk with your dog, talking with a friend, or even while cheering on your favorite sports team. Mindfulness is about being present. Where ever you are. Who ever you are with. 

At Kids Mindful Movement, our mission is to meet children where they are, and kids aren't often sitting still, are they? By approaching mindfulness in a fun, playful way, we introduce them to techniques that they can carry with them in day-to-day life. Sharing that we do not have to separate ourselves from life to be fully mindful. Instead, we can be fully immersed in all that life offers by being fully present. 

How do you share mindfulness with your kids? Share by commenting below!

Emily Behr