Make Every Day Earth Day

The sunshine, the breeze, the cool morning dew. There’s probably a reason that they make Earth Day during Spring Time. It seems to be the time that the Earth really shows off. Now more than ever, it is important to treat our Mother Earth with respect and love. Here are some tips to help you enjoy Mother Earth and all of her beauty through mindfulness.

1.Put down technology and look up

Notice the sky. Look up at the trees. Just look up, even for a moment. When we take time to unplug, we connect more deeply with ourselves and our community. To make this moment even more meaningful, make a note of something you feel grateful for.

2. Find out where your food comes from

By taking time to find out where your food came from, who made it, and what went into the process of getting it to the store, you feel more connected to your food. Studies have shown that you are also more likely to eat healthier and with more pleasure. When you trace the steps that go into making our food affordable and accessible, you can also begin to feel more connected to your surroundings and your respect for the earth and what it provides, grows.

3. Stop and smell the roses

The original quote is attributed to golfer extraordinaire Walter Hagen and it’s wonderful. I’ll just leave it here.

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. ” 1956 The Walter Hagen Story

4. Reuse and Reduce Waste

Instead of heading to the craft store every time you want to do a craft with your kids, look around you to see what you can reuse to give it a new life!

Here are some activities that I love that use recycled materials:

These make for hours of fun and are really easy to make. All you need is some paper, markers, and recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

Create your own designs! Simple to make and easy to hang dry or display!

My mom and I did this when I was a kid and it’s still just as fun as a mom myself. Use broken pieces of crayons to create your own unique designs.

Celebrate everyday by honoring the earth like you honor yourself. By taking a moment and paying attention on purpose to what the earth has provided us, we make more responsible decisions. We have the ability to make an impact and to protect the future of what makes our world special. #growmindful

Emily Behr